Android will be replaced, Android OS will come up in 10 new features

By | 25th March 2019

There were special features for Android smartphones. Recently, Google rolled out the next Android Android beta 1 Android beta 1. This new version will change 10 features by visiting your phone. So, about ten of its features.

Dark Mode

Nowadays, this feature is available in every app and testing is being run on apps that do not have this feature in apps. So this feature can be used soon in such apps. You can enable dark mode by coming to Android Q-beta 1 in your phone. This will increase your phone’s battery capacity.

Permission Control

Android Q Beta 1 has the most special feature of Control Control. That is, the app will serve only on the permit, for example, whether to give permission for the media or not. Users can control all permissions such as whether to give a camera permit or not.

File Sharing

In this era of social media, data sharing has increased greatly. If you have an Android Q beta 1 on your smartphone, you can quickly share any item. Earlier, the apps were used for it but now you will also see the context and you can also share it directly.

Battery Indicator

Nowadays, the battery shows the battery on the phone. But after the release of Android Q beta 1, you will know how long your phone’s battery will be able to run.

Colorful Themes

After the Android Q beta 1 comes the themes will change on your smartphone. You can keep the color theme you want to keep in it.

Connect Wi-Fi Without Password

If you have a new version of Android on your smartphone, you can connect to Wi-Fi without passwd. You only need to scan QR code for that.

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