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Team of Baaghi 3 full movie download
Team of Baaghi 3 full movie download


Ranveer Pratap Singh (Tiger Shroff) is an army Captain. One day, he receives a phone message from his ex-girlfriend, Neha (Disha Patani), seeking his help. Despite their break-up years ago, Ranveer alias Ronnie takes leave and goes to Goa to help the damsel in distress because he had promised her, during their courtship days, that he would be there for her whenever she would need him. Ron­nie and Neha were actually all set to marry but she had walked out on him minutes before the wedding.

Baaghi 3 movie Download
Baaghi 3 movie Download

While Ronnie is still single, Neha is married to Shekhar Salgaonkar (Dar­shan Kumar) and the two have a little daughter, Rhea (Barbie Sharma). On reaching Goa, Ronnie is shocked to learn from Neha that two months back, Rhea had been kidnapped by unknown people while she had gone to drop her to school on the first day but the police had not been able to trace the child. Ronnie has no clue whatsoever, yet he begins the search in all earnestness. He only has a tiny photograph of Rhea. Neha claims, she doesn’t have any other picture of Rhea. She doesn’t even introduce Ronnie to her husband, Shekhar, or drug-addict brother-in-law, Sunny Salgaonkar (Prateik Babbar).

Baaghi 3 full movie Download

Does Rhea exist in reality? If so, is she Neha and Shekhar’s daughter? Or is she not their daughter? If she doesn’t exist or if she is not Neha and Shekhar’s daughter, why is Neha clai­ ming that she is their daughter? Is Neha lying? Or is Shekhar lying? Has Rhea been actually kidnapped? If so, who are the kidnappers? What is the motive of the kidnappers? Is Rhea still alive? If Rhea wasn’t even kidnapped, what is the whole fuss about?