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Circular means any one announcement. Paripatra word is Hindi word. This is the one type of announcement. Government published daily news, new skims, new public rules, salary news, as Circular. Its English means is circular. We are follow this rules. We are upload daily circular in our web.


Paripatra use

Mostly government used this Circular. We are upload daily circular in our web. Circular is talking about government advertisement. Government is publish new rules via Circular. Many Circular as a G.R. Our team is upload this type of G.R.

Circular is used by the Chief Minister or any administrative head of the states in the country to issue an order. And as a decree, the people of the country or state have to keep it universal. Thus new plans, new policies, new rules, contingency assistance, forecasts, high alerts are all reported by Circular in the country or state. Such circulars are placed on our website daily. The information provided through Circular is accurate and accurate.

And is released only after its normal number. The funny thing is that government work runs on all Circular. The administrative officer of any account instructs the following employees only through Circular. We collect such circulars and place them on our website. Our team works hard all day to find such a Circular and put it on our website that is certified. The Prime Minister of the country also gives public information through circular. Statistical information is also sought from the employees working below through Circular.

How type circular ?

Many type of Circular, as a exam announcement, new skims announce, job increment letter, new job letter, main office announcement, government announce new rules, Government office G.R etc.

Paripatra as one type judgement of officer

Circular is one type of judgement of upper officer. Lower officer is following this rules in our life and upper office indirectly talk our thought. Big department not possible telling direct announcement, this time upper officer use circular. We are daily upload government Circular in our web. Many time big university announce our exam schedule via Circular.

How to use paripatra


With this, the privilege of Jammu and Kashmir has also been diminished. In the Rajya Sabha, Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday informed about the decisions taken by the government regarding Article 370. It also said that Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh have been separated into Union Territories.

Government new announcement

Amit Shah blamed the regional parties for misusing Article 370 for their benefits.
The Union home minister said when situation gets normal and the right time comes, we’re ready to make Jammu and Kashmir a state again.
“It may take a little longer, but it will become a state once again, one day,” he said.

This paragraph was not part of the original constitution
Article 35-A was added to the constitution in 1954, seven years after independence. This paragraph on the recommendations of the then Nehru Cabinet, the then President.


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