SSA Gujarat online hajri, feel online attendance in ssa website

By | 1st March 2019

SSA Gujarat online hajri

SSA Gujarat online hajri is today most important part of the gujarat primary education. There are still many teachers who do not know enough to attendance online at SSA’s website. Our team has provided true information on SSA’s website presence. The Gujarat government online presence has mandated. At first, attendance by teachers was sufficient in their attendance roll. It is no longer the presence of teachers and students has become mandatory online. If a teacher does not attend his / her standard online, it is decided to cut his one day salary. Due to online attendance, the teachers who put the wrong leave earlier have improved. In my view, this is a commendable step of the Gujarat government. Gujarat Education Department does not want to run anything anymore.

The purpose of SSA Gujarat online hajri is to ensure that teachers in the school are present at school and present to the children.

SSA Gujarat online hajri new link

ssa gujarat online hajri

ssa gujarat online hajri

The main objective

Some teachers still believe that if they do not attend online, it is their fault. Now the state government has become serious on the subject. The state government wants teachers to come daily and at regular time. So reach out to school time and make the presence of teachers and children online. The purpose is to use the website created by Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Mission. The main purpose of online attendance is to start schools all over the state simultaneously, and the presence of teachers and children online and all schools close together.

In some districts, schools were not operational at the time. The portal has been recommended by Principal Secretary Education, Shri Rao Saheb, as part of the school teachers do not arrive in time. A unit test is also organized every Saturday to improve the school. And these test marks do not even have to be done online, so that the progress ratio of all children can be seen. A rule has been made to diagnose a child who does not qualify for this test.

Multiple benefits:

Make special checks to make sure that you have full attendance because it can often happen that you have full attendance but do not appear in the portal. If a teacher fails to attend online, the salary of his and the head teacher of the school is deducted. And the matter is also being sought. I don’t believe this is going to last long as network and server queries are often rare. If the Gujarat government does not use the server properly, this project will also fail. The biggest benefit of this is that schools across the state are starting to run well and on time. The second biggest benefit is that the school attendant gets all the children’s information in advance on their tablet.

Gujarat goverment finally decided primary education SSA Gujarat online hajri. Goverment using sarva shiksha abhiyan mission website. Goverment catch many school is not provide totally perfect attendance. Finally gujarat government decided attendance register is fill online. Today gujarat’s 32000 primary school is upload daily teachers both student attendance online. Online hajari is show all officer like CRC, TPEO, DPEO, PRIMARY DIRECTOR, SACHIV, EDUCTION DEPARTMENT,CM etc.

SSA website options

This website is simple website. SSA web is prove gujarat goverment successives. Today primary school fill online attendance in ssa web. This web is many time hang, server is many time down. All gujarat district primary school is fill online hajari. SSA Gujarat online hajri is part of primary education.

Other than this, there have been many changes in the school. School toilets are starting to stay clean. Some teachers have completely stopped the wrong presence of children. Government schools are starting to become better than private schools. The school principal has also been teaching. Now it is no wonder that the education offered in Gujarat in the future will be better than the education given in other states of the country.

How to feel online attendance in SSA website?

Most important question how to feel online hajari in ssa website. Many teacher is most important question. Today we are provide full informrion of the ssa online hajari feeling. Today i am provide step by step full imformation of SSA online hajari details. First step is open You are seeing below image.

SSA Gujarat online hajri

Second tap on Online Attendance system

SSA Gujarat online hajri

Many time this button is not load, that time using direct below link.

Feel SSA provide your school usarname and password and than click login button. You are going belowe image.

SSA Gujarat online hajri

Later click attendance option. You are seeing student attendance, teacher attendance, view student attendance, view teacher attendance four option. Feel as student attendance so click student attendance button, feel standard wise attendance of student. Teacher attendance is same as fill.

SSA Gujarat online hajri

Today i am provide full information of online attendance feel in ssa website. Please share this information all primary school and teacher group. Can you read our other articles?. Please read below articles.


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